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Now is the time to get your summer annuals in. By choosing the proper annuals for sun and shade, and of course deer resistance, you can be sure to have blooms from June through the first frost in fall! Annuals are a no brainer in any garden, in planters around the patio or deck, and in hanging baskets. Start by planting your annuals early so they have time to grow into their new homes and be enjoyed longer. To name a few our favorite deer resistant annuals:


Trailing Deer-Resistant Annuals for Pots and Hanging Baskets

 Lobelia: Beautiful deep blue flower in a cool, sunny spot

 Sweet Alyssum: thick mounds available in pink, purple, white


Upright, Showy Annuals

 Marigold: Showy yellow, orange, or red, that can also help keep deter deer from your garden

 Angelonia: Purple or white, great summer annual that is heat and humidity resistant

 Ageratum: Variety of blues, hardy flower that pairs great with yellows and whites

 Zinnia: Variety of colors with huge flowers

 Vinca: Variety of whites, reds, purples. Very similar, but more upright than an impatient, without

the impatient diseases


Mounding Annuals

 Lantana: yellow, pink, white, orange flowers, another non-stop summer performer that is heat

and humidity resistant. Also a great butterfly and hummingbird attractor.

 Salvia – variety of purples and reds of wide spreading habit

Monello Landscape Industries has a team of trained professionals to help you with any gardening needs. We can design and install annuals and tropical to make your yard pop with color this season! Give us a call at 800-293- 2042 and we would be more than happy to come out to your property.swizzle_scarlet_zinnia_M