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Backyard Boom In Countertops

The 2008 recession did many things to change people’s lives, and one of them was to cut into family travel budgets. The staycation was born, and with it the idea that it might not hurt to fix up the backyard and invite in some friends and neighbors.
Central to that is the outdoor kitchen – a concept that hasn’t been dampened a bit by the improving economy. And, yes, those outdoor kitchens (and accompanying wet bars) frequently incorporate hard-surace countertops.
While most stone-fabrication shops take the big plunge into the hardscape business by installing pavers and veneer, there’s still a huge opportunity in outdoor countertops. The trick to tapping into the market is finding landscape designers and contractors and becoming a go-to source….
Joe Monello, owner of Monello Landscape Industries LLC in Wayne, N.J., is another fan of a leathered finish, and he says he tries for a very natural look to his countertops.
“I like the textures of granite,” he says. “We use the leathered granite, and a rock-faced edge. It’s different and often people don’t realize it’s a granite. There are so many colors and it looks like it’s very natural and belongs outdoors.”

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