Aug 2018

Backyard Boom In Countertops
The 2008 recession did many things to change people’s lives, and one of them was to cut into family travel budgets. The staycation was born, and with it the idea that it might not hurt to fix up the

Apr 2018

Courtyard Expands Living Area
Last year, Joe Monello, owner of Wayne, New Jersey-based Monello Landscape Industries LLC renovated 11 facilities for commercial client CareOne, a company that owns more than 70 acute nurding and assisted living facilities in Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Virginia. The

Dec 2017

Oct 2017

May 2017

Custom Outdoor Living
Making a house a home is a process that shouldn’t stop at the back door. There are countless ways to create a custom outdoor environment that is fitted to your lifestyle and Monello Landscape Industries can help!When deciding

Apr 2017

Sod Or Seed?
When designing a lawn the question of seed or sod frequently appears. Although there are many benefits with each option, it is important to pick the one that best suits your lifestyle and property. Regardless of your decision,​

Mar 2017

NJLCA Awards: 2017
Every year the New Jersey Landscape Contractors Association recognizes companies like Monello Landscape for outstanding work in certain categories. The 2016-2017 season awarded Monello Landscape the Award of Excellence, in NJLCA Residential Landscape Design/Build: Landscape Lighting category. The

Dec 2016

Nov 2016

Winter Cabbage / Kale Displays
Ever wonder how to have consistent color in your garden in November and December during the holiday season? Kale and Cabbage are your solution! These specifically grown 'winter' cabbage or kale are frost and cold tolerant,